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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bg4hire?
Bg4hire provides communication solutions that connects entertainment industry professionals throughout the entire background casting process by providing:

- online professional portfolio and exposure for talents and performers,

- booking and talent management tools for agents,

- search and casting tools for casting directors.

Is bg4hire an agency?
NO,  bg4hire is not an agency but was created by talent agents who have over 20 years of extensive experience in the film & television industry.

Because of the changing demands in background casting and the awareness in the advancement of technology, bg4hire has taken the lead to develop Hi-tech tools uniquely for the needs in background casting.

Bg4hire has successfully evolved into an online website offering the necessary and vital tools for casting directors and agents to use for casting of film extras.

Will I be getting jobs from bg4hire?
Bg4hire is NOT an agency, therefore will not be giving out bookings of any kind.

Your Agent(s) will be contacting you for job bookings.

What's the difference between bg4hire and an agent?
Bg4hire is a service that provide tools neccessary for today's background casting industry.

When you join bg4hire, your information including your photos are stored in our database where casting directors can search to see if you fit the job they are casting.

Your Agent(s) use the same info that you stored in our database to communicate with Casting Directors about you, negotiate your rates and gets you the booking for the job.

Do I need to pay commission to bg4hire?
NO.  You pay commission only to your agent.

Commission rate varies between agencies and your union status.  Rates can range from 10% to 20% so please consult your agent(s) for their exact rate.

Agents may charge an additional fee for their services. This fee can be as high as $200.00 per year so do check around for the right agent that you are comfortable in working with and who can find work for you.

Why should I join bg4hire when there are other websites I can join for free?
Bg4hire works with Agents.  Agents use Bg4hire to promote talents on their roster. Agents fight for your right as a performer.  Agents can help you with missing payment, role upgrades, overtimes, injury... etc.

Professional Performers work with Agents!

How come bg4hire don't have an office or phone number?
Bg4hire found that having an office which force its staff to commute everyday so they can answer the phone and collect membership fees just doesn't make sense for a web base company.

We have replace using telephone for customer service because we've found that using email is a much better system in today's communication process. Our members don't need to be put 'on-hold' while answers to their questions are sent to them which they may referred to at any time thereafter.

And most importantly, the expenses that we saved will continue to keep our membership fee low for our members.

What type of projects have bg4hire worked on?
Agents and Casting Directors using our web services have worked on all types of projects that are in production locally.

Projects ranging from major Hollywood motion pictures to independent shorts and commercials.

For listings of current productions, please login and visit our 'Productions List' section.

If I don't have an agent, will I still be able to get work?
It is highly recommended that you have an agent to obtain work for you.

Agents received job orders from different Casting Directors and from different productions.  They work on your behalf to find as many jobs for you as possible to earn their commission.

Please refer to our Featured Agencies if you need to find an agent.

Is your service only for union members?
Our service is for both union and non-union performers who want to work in the film and television industry.

The following links will provide more info in becoming an union member:

Australia/New Zealand:




I already have an agent so why do I need to join bg4hire?
Casting directors and producers simply do not have the time to contact every agency or browse each agency's websites.

Bg4hire is the one place available on the Internet that offers search and communication tools for casting to easily find performers and communicate with their agents for bookings.

Website and the Internet are where most of the businesses are conducted in today's technological world.

If you are not in bg4hire, you will not be found in the database when casting is doing searches or open calls.

*Click here to look at a sample member in our database.

My agent don't use internet so why should I join bg4hire?
We understand that different agencies work differently to promote their talents. Some are comfortable using the same old methods that's been working for them.

But as more and more jobs are being picture-cast these days, Casting Directors have come to depend on our web service to assist them to search and find talent profiles to view their photos.

When a Casting Director does a search for talents and finds your profile and photos, now they can contact your agent to book you for work because you have listed who your agent is (no matter if this agent use the web or not).

How much do I pay to be in bg4hire's database
Annual membership is only $45.00 *(HST included)

- Membership fee is Non-refundable!
- An additional fee of $25.00 will be charged to reactivate a cancelled account.

How do I make my payment to bg4hire?
Best payment method is by eTransfer through your bank.

Prepare your payment of $45.00 (HST included) from your bank's website
using bg4hire as the answer to your security question or password, then email eTransfer to

If you must mail your payment, our address is:

Bg4hire Web Services
P.O. Box 77037
6579 Highway 7
Markham, Ontario
L3P 0C8

Please make your cheque or money order payable to:
Bg4hire Web Services.

Payments by mail may take more than 2 weeks to be received and processed by bg4hire.

When did the membership fee change to $45?
Effective January 1, 2022, bg4hire has made its first-ever membership fee increase. The new membership fee has been set at $45/year.

As always, we are committed to providing quality services to you and appreciate your continued support.

Can I pay my bg4hire membership through my agent?
Bg4hire has no financial affiliation with agencies, casting directors or unions.  Therefore, all payment should be made directly to Bg4hire by eTransfer or regular mail.

Can anyone join and do you take everyone as members?
BG4hire accepts applicant of all ages and ethnicities.  All applicants (or their parent or legal guardian, if under the age of majority) must agree to terms and conditions of use.

Only one membership account per person.  Any duplicate accounts may be deleted without notice.

Bg4hire reserve the right to only grant membership to applicants at its own discretion.

Bg4hire also reserves the right to deny in its sole discretion any user access to this Site or any portion thereof without notice.

How can I use bg4hire to increase my chance to get work?
Here are ways that some of our members have use bg4hire to increase their chance of getting work from their agents:

- Keeping all 5 of your Photos current and in diverse personalities.

- Enter and update your Special Skills so you could be found by casting directors and your agents if they need to search for someone with certain skills for a job. (Same applies to your Automobiles)

- Post un-available dates to keep agents informed and clear it when available.

- Keep on top of Open-Calls and bMail messages from your agents and reply quickly to ensure you get the bookings.

- Keep your bg4hire account up-to-date.  Over-due accounts may be deactivated and your photos and profile would not be viewed by casting directors.

How to Unsubscribe from receiving email from
If you are a member of bg4hire and wish NOT to receive Open Calls or other notices from us, please login to your account and update your 'Open Calls' settings.

If you are not a member of bg4hire, please click here to Unsubscribe

Does your website have any Privacy Policy?
Yes of course!  Your privacy is very important to us.  Please click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Where can I find your website's Terms and Conditions?
BG4hire's Terms and Conditions of Use can be found by clicking here.

What if I have more questions?
Please feel free to email any question you may have to